MaKhumalo Left Fans Wowed With Her Elegant Pink Dress

Followers and viewers are wondering where Makhumalo is a doll after seeing her baby face. Makhumalo, who is known as Musa Mseleku’s o, have taken to her Instagram page where she shared her pictures where she was wearing pink dress and black coat. Makhumalo is known as a media personality, a reality TV star and also a motivational speaker. Thobile is popular, known from Uthando Nes’thembu reality TV show. She is also known from The Real Housewives of Durban. She is the only wife who have been seen appearing in few shows in TV.



Makhumalo have shows off her new-look on Instagram. She was showing her face, hair, dress and shoes. It’s not secrets that Makhumalo is one of the beautiful wives out of the wife’s that Musa have. Thobile Makhumalo Mseleku is the third wife. Musa have been married to MaCele who is the first wife, MaYeni, who is a second wife, as a third wife there is Thobile and also MaNgwabe who is the last wife.

Thobile Makhumalo is Mzansi’s favourite wife. People love her whether in TV or in person. In real life, Makhumalo does not have a child of her own. She is currently raising Mpilo, who is Mseleku’s child from another woman. Makhumalo is doing a great job in raising Mpilo, the two are like Mother and daughter. They have also been sharing their pictures in social media, where they sometimes wear marching outfits.

Who Was Senzo’s Wife? 5 Things To Know About Mandisa Mkhize

He wedded Mandisa Mkhize in Walk 2013 however their relationship included lots of cheating purportedly.

Senzo: Murder of a Soccer Star, the Netflix narrative shed light on how everybody realized Senzo cherished ladies and Mandisa had some awareness of his cheating. She had all the earmarks of being unbothered about the cheating, even though she purportedly found inn receipts in his clothing.

Nonetheless, things changed when she figured out that Senzo experienced passionate feelings for Kelly Khumalo. Kelly later fell pregnant with Senzo’s little girl Thingo, who is currently eight years of age.





One more stunner disclosure from the narrative is that Senzo needed to make Kelly his subsequent spouse. This might not have been agreed upon with Mandisa.

1. MANDISA IS 34 Years of age

Senzo’s widow is 34 years of age yet she will turn 35 on 24 September 1987.

2. MANDISA Went to DURBAN College OF Innovation (DUT)

As per Momentarily, she went to Bophelo Impilo Tuition-based school and afterward Edge Park School. She later went to Durban College of Innovation (DUT) where she examined her Confirmation of HR and her certificate in Business Organization.

3. SHE WAS Viewed as ‘WELL OFF’

Mandisa is considered to come from a rich family.

4. MANDISA HAS A Little girl

Mandisa and Senzo share a little girl named Nana. Nana would be 16 this year. She was supposedly “living in destitution” since her contributor Red Ranch pulled her financing however previous ref Andile “Pro” Ncobo is purportedly helping her with R1500 every month until she turns 21.

5. SHE Purportedly Attempted TO Drive KELLY Over THE Street

Kelly Khumalo asserted Mandisa was following her and once attempted to drive her over the street. The artist didn’t realize Senzo was hitched when she was dating him until that occurrence.

“We were in a guard with Senzo and this lady comes up and is like ‘what on God’s green earth and afterward I telephone him. Like due, what in the world is going on? So we as a whole halted out and about, I emerged to say ‘approve sisi, the issue lies with what? For what reason would you say you are attempting to drive me over the street? That is the point at which it emerged,” expressed Kelly in a past meeting displayed on the Netflix narrative.

“At the point when she began calling me names. You took my significant other. I’m like Woah,” she proceeded.

Kelly thought Senzo was leaving Mandisa for her however he was supposedly investing energy with Mandisa despite her good faith.

Remember Lesedi from Generations The Legacy? see in real life.

Luyanda Mzazi is a 27-year-old South African media personality who rose to fame after getting her first gig as an actress on Generations The Legacy back in 2015.





She was given the role of Lesedi who is a young abandoned girl who got the favour of being legally adopted by the Diale family. She has suffered from past traumas and had to face the sad reality of not knowing who her biological parents are. But with the unconditional and abundant love she received from the Diales, Lesedi gains her confidence to let go of her past and move on. She finishes high school and starts getting a job which helped her to be independent in as far as getting her own place to stay is concerned. After finding out about her biological family, Lesedi discovers that her mother died because of breast cancer and she also is a carrier of the disease. Upon her leaving, she left the show for Rustenburg to undergo a breast cancer surgery.

It has been over a year now since Luyanda Mzazi’s character has been written out and it is said that her storyline has been discontinued as she permanently left the soapie.

A myriad of people have been asking themselves where she is and what she is currently busy with because there is no trace of her on our screens. Luyanda Mzazi is currently furthering her human resources studies at the University of South Africa (UNISA). She is not only studying but she is busy with giving back to the community through her foundation called Paving Forward Foundation. Her foundation covers the basis of children and youth’s needs.She has a huge following of over half a million on instagram which automatically qualifies her to work with big brands for paid collaborations.It is still unknown whether she will come back on screen and play different characters for a leaving.

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Nomsa Buthelezi-Shezi Left Mzansi Happy After She Shows Off Her Daughter.

The actress has been married to Zandile Shezi since 2019; the couple has two lovely children. The first husband of Nomsa Buthelezi-second Shezi’s marriage to Zandile Shezi was her former husband. Her husband, the father of her children, reportedly died, as reported in one of the articles. Check out the photos of her resembling-daughter:Nomsa Buthelezi, a popular actress in South Africa, shocked her followers when she shared photos of her kid on social media. When the Mzansi people saw her daughter for the first time, they became envious.




The actress’s daughter is equally as stunning as she is. Nomsa Buthelezi-recent Shezi’s emotional social media post about her kid has stirred up a lot of people. The sight of her daughter in all black has her fans wondering.

The caption reads, “Dear daughter, this world is full with dogs, some toothless and some with bones; Vietnam, it says, will withdraw from the conflict with its tail between its legs.”

Nomsa Buthelezi-Shezi is a well-known actress, media personality, radio broadcaster, and presenter in her native South Africa. Both “Our Perfect Wedding” and “Uyaphuza,” a show on the MojaLoveTv channel, feature her as a host. Her first major part was as MaJali on mzansi Magic: The Queen, where she made her debut only lately. Her employment was tragically terminated too soon.