Eric Macheru ‘Leeto’ finally speaks on relationship with fellow skeem saam actress Ntswaki

Skeem Saam actor Eric Macheru has addressed speculation about his relationship with fellow actress Lethabo Mekoa, who is known for her role as Ntswaki. Macheru has expressed admiration for Mekoa’s acting skills on social media, leading to rumors that they might be more than just colleagues.

However, Macheru recently posted a picture with Mekoa and clarified in the caption that their relationship is purely friendly, stating that he sees her as a younger sister.In terms of Macheru’s personal life, he is married and has a son named ‘King Macheru,’ whom he deeply adores. He frequently shares pictures of his son on social media, showcasing his love and pride as a father.

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Interesting facts about Rea from Skeem Saam

Skeem Saam, the popular South African soap opera, never fails to impress its viewers with its captivating characters, and Gontse Ntshegang, also known as Rea Rathebe, is no exception. Here are ten fascinating facts about this talented actress:



Gontse Ntshegang is 38 years old and originally hails from Rustenburg.
She studied Fine Arts with a touch of drama at the National School of the Arts and pursued full-time drama at Wits University, where she later dropped out in her second year to focus on Physical Theatre, Set Designs, and Film Studies.
Gontse is best known for her role as the street-smart and sharp-witted Keketso Khoza in the soapie Scandal!, which she portrayed from 2008 to 2010.
In 2011, she played the role of Elizabeth in the soapie Rhythm City, a character created to support Naomi’s (Moshidi Motshegwa) comeback as she tried to win over Miles by pretending that Elizabeth’s baby was hers.
In 2012, Gontse was cast as Mapule Modise in the SABC2 drama Muvhango, replacing Matshepo Maleme. That same year, she also guest-starred in an episode of the international action series Strike Back.
Gontse has appeared in numerous other television shows, including Yizo Yizo, Hillside, Zabalaza, Inkaba, Soul City, The Queen, Ashes to Ashes, Bone of My Bones, Isidingo, Inkaba, and Mfolozi Street, among others. She has also been featured in the opening sequence for Channel O.
She is the narrator of the reality series Mahadi-Lobola, which explores the complex processes involved in lobola negotiations across different cultures in South Africa.
Gontse’s impressive stage credits include a role in the production of “The Lion and the Jewel,” alongside renowned actors Nthati Moshesh and Sello Maake Ka-Ncube.
Currently, Gontse is captivating audiences with her portrayal of the no-nonsense Sergeant Rathebe in the Skeem Saam soap opera.
One of Gontse’s remarkable talents is her multilingual abilities, as she fluently speaks English, Tswana, Zulu, and Sotho.

Babes Wodumo shares emotional message to her late husband Mampintsha

In a heartbreaking audio message shared on her WhatsApp, Babes Wodumo, the renowned South African musician, has poured out her heart to her late husband, Mandla “Mampintsha” Maphumulo, a member of the popular Kwaito group Big Nuz. The recording, captured in November 2023, captures Babes Wodumo in a state of profound grief, as she expresses her unwavering love and deep sorrow over the passing of her beloved partner.








Mampintsha, who had been Babes Wodumo’s husband and musical collaborator, tragically succumbed to complications from a stroke on December 24, 2022, leaving an indelible mark on the South African entertainment industry and the hearts of their devoted fans.

In the emotional voice message, Babes Wodumo can be heard crying while reminiscing about the cherished moments they shared, the dreams they had built together, and the profound impact Mampintsha had on her life. The message serves as a poignant testament to the enduring love and unbreakable bond that existed between the two artists, even in the face of profound loss and heartbreak“I want you to know one thing. I love you. I will always love you. I love you baby. I know you don’t like it when I cry but I love you.”

When recently celebrating the heavenly birthday of her late husband, Mampintsha, Babes took to social media to share cherished memories and reflections on their relationship. The Wololo hitmaker has been openly and profoundly grieving the loss of the father of her young son, forced to confront the harsh reality of his passing and the daunting task of navigating life as a single mother.Babes’ sister, Nondumiso Simelane, provided insight into the singer’s emotional state, revealing that she is still struggling to come to terms with Mampintsha’s death. Nondumiso shared that Babes often finds herself calling out for her beloved partner, only to be met with the painful realization that his side of the bed remains empty. The transition to sole parenting has also brought an increased burden of responsibilities, as Babes must now take on a greater share of the duties previously shared with her husband.

Despite the immense grief and challenges she faces, Nondumiso praised Babes’ resilience, noting that she has not allowed the tragedy to fundamentally change her core character. As Babes navigates this difficult chapter, she continues to draw strength from her unwavering spirit and the love and support of her family, as she strives to honor Mampintsha’s memory and provide a stable, nurturing environment for their young son.

Mzansi grows suspi cious over Inno Sadiki’s bur _nt home

Innocent Sadiki of being a clout-chaser who exploits tragic moments to generate social media content.
Last year, the actress faced criticism for taking a photo holding onto her granny’s coffin and filming additional content at her grandmother’s funeral.The recent incident involving Innocent Sadiki, the Skeem Saam actress, has sparked a wave of suspicion and controversy among the South African public. After Sadiki posted content of her house burning to the ground, many Mzansi citizens have been left perplexed and questioning the authenticity of the situation.

The actress has been actively sharing videos and content on social media, giving her followers a firsthand look at the devastating event that unfolded on July 1, 2024. In the videos, Sadiki can be seen visibly distressed, crying as she watches her home being consumed by the flames.

This emotional display, coupled with the sheer magnitude of the incident, has led some South Africans to believe that there might be more to the story than meets the eye.”Who the hell makes content of their burnt house? Are they making a joke out of us?” X user wrote.The accusations of “clout-chasing” have been particularly damaging, with many suggesting that Sadiki may have orchestrated the event for the sake of garnering attention and sympathy on social media. This notion has been further fueled by the actress’s continued presence on various platforms, seemingly documenting the aftermath of the fire in excruciating detail.

However, it is important to note that the situation remains complex, and the truth behind the incident is yet to be fully unraveled. As the public continues to grapple with the implications of Sadiki’s actions, the case has become a subject of intense scrutiny and debate, with many questioning the motivations and sincerity of the actress’s response to the tragic event.Ultimately, the Mzansi community will be watching closely as the story unfolds, hoping to gain a clearer understanding of the circumstances surrounding Innocent Sadiki’s burned house and the underlying factors that may have contributed to this highly publicized and contentious situation.

KhananiShingan1 was suspicious: “Something is really off about this.”

larrymdunge posted: “You guys are so addicted to content.”

tetelo_P responded: “I’m convinced that this is an upcoming reality show for them; maybe they’ll show it in one of the episodes.”

In October 2023, Innocent Sadiki, a prominent actress in the South African soap opera Skeem Saam, found herself in the midst of a social media controversy. Sadiki shared a photo on her Twitter (X) page, taken the night before her grandmother’s funeral, showing her holding onto her grandmother’s coffin while someone consoled her from behind.

This image, which depicted Sadiki’s grief, was met with criticism from netizens who accused the actress of being a “clout-chaser” and using the tragic moment for online validation, especially in light of her previous content surrounding the loss of her house in a fire, which had also raised eyebrows among the public.

Other people’s kids are living : Andile Mpisane shows off his new R4 million car

Royal AM chairperson and singer, Andile Mpisane has finally shown off the fruits of his labour – a modified Nissan GT-R Nismo, valued at almost R4 million! The car – which he nicknamed “Godzilla” – even has its own social media platforms!The car has a gun metal metallic finish with a black and brown leather interior. In the video, the car is seen with several high-end modifications, installed by custom creators APR Performance.





Earlier this week, Andile Mpisane shared black and white images of the luxury car. He captioned it; “Godzilla is a project I have been working on for the past few months”.

In November 2022, Andile Mpisane shared news of purchasing the Nismo, which he claimed was “just for summer”.

In a clip, the Royal AM chairman was seen stepping out of the Katsura Orange car – was pictured outside his family’s sprawling mansion.

Former miss universe Zozibini Tunzi and her beautiful sisters

It seems natural beauty runs in the Tunzi family as she has 3 sisters who are as beautiful as she is, Zozi is the second born of four girls her sisters are Yanga, Sibabalwe and Ayakhe. Zozi loves to joke that she entered the Miss South Africa pageant to prove to her sisters that she’s the most beautiful but to be honest they are all so beautiful because they all look alike.




Zozi has always been very close to her siblings and she describes her family as the “true north” and the true definition of a close family because they are always supporting each others achievements, Zozi’s family was there when she was crowned Miss Universe, this goes to prove that a family that stays together wins together.

Zozi says her family will always remain her centre of joy.

We think the Tunzi sisters are inspired by their parents as Zozi once said that her mother has always taught her the importance of education as a young black women.

Zozi stole the hearts of many people around the world when she embraced being a natural beauty. She came into the competition with her natural hair to represent the African women. Through her win Zozi has inspired many women around the world to be themselves and embrace their identities.

Zozi is using her title to change the myths of beauty pageants and the stereotypes of how beauty should look. She is really empowering young women all over the world and she is raising the South African flag very high we are proud of our girl.

Meet etvScandal youngest actress “Nqobile” find some interesting facts about this young star

Today we getting to know another fresh face that has recently graced our screens, weekdays.

Many people know her by ” Nqobile Mdletshe” which is a charector she is playing on the etv hit soap opera Scandal!, which is premiers weekdays from 7:30pm to 8:00pm. Her real name is Zekhethelo Zondi, her profession, she’s a model and she’s an actress.




Many viewers started to notice her on Scandal! but the young talented actress made few television debuts, she appeared on the Mzansi Magic drama ” Isifiso” but before Isifiso her breakthrough was with a drama series called Shadow, where she played a charector of Palace Dladla’s daughter. According to the source she has joined her agency at the age of 6 years which is in 2017.

Zekhethelo Zondi can speak fluently IsiZulu English, Basic Sotho and Basic Xhosa. We are happy to see a young talent being exposed at a very young age.

know Sihle Ndaba’s boyfriend, Matthew Stone

Dudu from Scandal, Sihle Ndaba is dating Matthew Stone in real life. Contrary to popular belief due to her current role in Scandal, she is not in a same-gender relationship. Her real-life boyfriend is Matthew Stone, a famous South African fitness trainer based in Sandton.




Her boyfriend Matthew Stone is not only a fitness trainer but a social entrepreneur and a brand ambassador. He is one of the founders of The Social Runners running movement in Sandton. Matthew is also a brand ambassador for the sportswear brand Puma South Africa. He was also an ambassador for the healthy food and supplement brand Future Life.

His net worth is unknown but the man is coining it big time. Sihle’s boyfriend Matthew is making about 5 figures on a monthly basis thanks to brand collaborations. Matthew’s personal training services across multiple clients can earn him up to R 20 000 per client.

The man’s work in the fitness industry has earned him a major client base from both genders. His classes offer cardio, boxing, kickboxing, and resistance training workouts. Matthew’s work has earned him an incredible reputation and a big celebrity following. Stars like Amanda Dupont Boity Thulo, Kay Sibiya, Ayanda Thabethe, and Lerato Mvelase follow him on social media.
Since he is based in Sandton, the richest square mile in Africa, his client base is a bunch of big money spenders.

Matthew Stone outdoors
Matthew Stone outdoors. Image: Instagram/Matthew Stone
Relationship with Sihle Ndaba

Sihle started dating Matthew Stone years ago but, they made their relationship public in 2018. Since 2018 the couple has shared multiple photos and videos of one another on social media. At the time, both of them were starting their individual careers and growing.
They are a couple who prioritizes fitness, fine dining and travelling together. As a couple, they travelled to Lesotho to witness the kingdom of the sky. They have been to Egypt and shared a photo of themselves dining with a Pyramid of Giza view. The couple also went to Turkey to witness hot air balloons shooting up in the sky.

Sihle and Matthew in Turkey
Sihle and Matthew in Turkey. Image: Instagram/Matthew Stone

The couple loves going out together. They go to social settings together and even do small activities like hiking. One of the things they like doing the most is couples workouts together. Sihle is one of Mzansi’s actresses who don’t have weight problems. Her body is always toned and we can see where she gets the help. She has someone guarding her diet and physical exercises all the time.

.Uzalo actor Phillippe is a millionaire in real life see his net worth and business ventures

“I have been a professional cook for over a decade; I am a qualified proffesional chef who can prepare several cuisines. I have been working in the hotel industry since I turned 18 and will one day open a family chain of restaurants, a legacy I will leave for my daughter.”

In his interview with Savannanews, Kazadi revealed that he was introduced into modelling by a co-worker who appreciated his built body.

“One of my co-workers told me that I should try modelling since I have a muscular body. Since I had nothing to lose, I made various inquiries and signed into a Durban modelling agency before moving to Joburg, where I scaled my career. I arrived in Joburg in a trailer of luggage because my bus fare was short thanks to the understanding bus crew.”

Joe Kazadi plays Philippe on Uzalo

Joe Kazadi has a brief stint on the Uzalo cast where he plays Philippe’s role, an associate of Nkunzi. He had skipped the country due to assassination attempts and entrusted his old friend Nkunzi to safeguard his wife Ndoni while in exile. Nkunzi and Ndoni fell in love with a development that infuriated Gabisile, living with Nkunzi for a long time. Gabisile tipped Philippe what his wife and Nkunzi had been up to out of envy, leading to his unexpected return to catch the two in bed.

Philippe on Uzalo: Image Credit @ Instagram

Over his fruitful acting career, Kazadi played roles on The Queen, Scandal, Isithembiso, Isono and bagged international roles on the way.

His daughter Omotola Kazadi

Despite having a busy modelling, gym and acting schedule, Joe is raising a three-year-old daughter named Omotola Kazadi.

Joe revealed that he is a single father who enjoys being a full-time daddy to his little princess. Though he is actively looking for a partner, Joe Kazadi has no intention of dating in the entertainment circles.

“I wouldn’t date in the Industry at all. I want to date a woman who has a normal job. I want a peaceful relationship with my future partner.”

Joe Kazadi business empire and net worth

Kazadi is an acute businessman with business interests in Mining and Freight (Congo) and Real Estate and Film production (South Africa); in 2022, his net worth is valued at R69 .7 million.

Omotola Jalade 10 years ago Vs Now

Omotola Jalade. The great Nigerian actress who starred in a lot of great movies still remembered to this day such as: True Love, Blood Sisters, Ties That Bind and more.

Below, is how her look has transformed over the years.









In the picture above, she was on stage in 2010, performing. We see that her look was still very funky-ish and pop girl-ish.

In the picture above, she was with one of the greatest American actors in 2013.

Above, she was on set for the movie: Ties That Bind.

This is a picture she posted on her Instagram in 2013, captioning that it was her birthday.

Above, she had attended an award ceremony in 2014.

Below, is how she has transformed.

The above image just screams elegance. The dress accentuates the whole aesthetic of the picture and setting.

Who knew she would rock a short pixie cut/fade so well. The colour of her hair also complements her skin tone very well.

Above, she wore a black jumpsuit with a flower by the shoulder. Simple but elegant.

Above, she wore a black waist hugging dress that accentuated her figure. She paired it with a necklace and heels of a matching colour, bringing forth the spark. Her makeup look accentuated and brought a shine to her eyes.

The top Nigerian actress Omotola Jalade has greatly, gracefully, beautifully transformed over the decade. Her new look is no doubt amazing.