20 Really Cute Summer Blue Coffin Nails You Will Love

Coffin nails are really irresistible to all girls. Especially in summer, if you don’t come to a coffin nail, you will feel something is missing. Today, I’m going to bring you a super suitable manicure style for summer. Each style is super temperament.

Blue is a particularly suitable summer color, whether it is dressed or painted nail polish, will give people a bright look. And if you look closely, you will find that this manicure has a special sense of design. So when you open your hand, you will have a fresh feeling.

In summer, we can choose a solid blue nail. It is not only fresh, but also cute. Neither boys nor mothers will be disgusted. If you think that pure blue is too monotonous, you can also make a jump color of blue as shown in the picture. Is that very temperament?

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