Chinese secret to get relief from Heavy Periods

Woman Suffering from Stomachache on Sofa

Chinese painkillers are the only solution to this problem. There is a Chinese secret to getting relief from this pain in just 2 minutes. There is a secret point on the body that could quickly eliminate painful cramps from periods. To locate this …

Skin care varies according to the seasons. Therefore, if we continue to use the products we use in winter, in summer, we may not be able to respond correctly to the reactions of our skin. Summer months are separate from the conditions in which the sun is intense and our skin is exposed in winter. However, each skin type and need is different. So, how should skin care be in the summer? We are looking for the answer to this question.

Cleaning First

Summer is the basis of skin care cleansing. The beauty of the skin comes from cleansing. Sensitive, dry, oily, mixed … What is your skin type? Firstly, it is the condition of the skin that needs to be known. A dry skin in winter can return to normal in summer. Therefore, it is necessary to analyze the skin well and determine its needs accordingly. Atopic skins, which have dryness problems in the summer, may continue to use products such as milk and micellar water. Combination and oily skin should be preferred for foam type and suitable for skin types. The cleaning phase is the most important phase of skin care. If this stage is skipped, other efforts are meaningless.

Is Peeling Made In Summer?

Of course, just washing the skin is not enough for cleaning. Exfoliating, which we can apply 2 or 3 times a week according to our skin type, will purify our skin from dead skin and minimize the formation of blackheads. In the summer, the peeling method will be effective to remove the skin from dead skin. You can also apply pouch instead of peeling . However, care should be taken when the pouch application will be made for the face. Regardless of your skin type, it is useful to choose the pouches used for the face. When using natural peeling pouches, you should apply with gentle movements and without pressing. Particularly sensitive skin should use sacs specially produced for them. Pouch application on the face during the bathIt can give amazing results when applied correctly. After making the traditional pouch method, the skin should be well moistened. One of the most important stages of summer skin care is the peeling phase.

Is Humidifier Used In Summer?

After cleaning our skin, we proceed to the moisturizing stage. Summer moisturizers should be changed according to the skin type reactions to the seasons. When purchasing cream, you should definitely take care that it is suitable for your skin type. The damage of sun rays to the skin has been evident for years. It is best to use sunscreen cream to protect from UV rays. You can also walk around with big hats, but it would be best to get a SPF- containing sunscreen and add it to your daily skincare routine. If you say I do not want to deal with separate creams, you can benefit from creams containing sun protection factor . Thus, both moistening phase and protection phase are completed with a single product.

Protect Your Skin from the Sun

When we say sun, sea and pool in summer, our skin can lose its moisture balance. Do not say that the air is very hot and I do not need a humidifier. Even the most oily skin needs a proper moisturizer. Of course, oily skin is much more fortunate in terms of wrinkle future than dry skin. However, this does not prevent moisture supplement! During the holiday, your skin was neglected and worn. In this case, disposable masks that you will carry in your holiday bag will come to your rescue. Moisture supplements, purifying masks are some of them. It is useful to add sunscreens and moisture masks to the summer skincare routine.

Drink plenty of water for good skin

We should pay attention to water consumption in summer and winter. However, in the humid weather of summer, of course, we need more water. In this case, it is very important to nourish the skin internally. We should not forget to consume plenty of water.

Minimal Care

Clear, moisten and protect. These three stages are the most important stages of skin care. However, it should be remembered that sometimes it is beneficial to rest the skin. Loading too many products on the skin will also tire it. Of course, perform the tonic, serum stages, but also give your skin time.

As the weather gets warmer, we have already started to make changes and lighten our cabinets. Street clothing, where we spend most of our time, is very important. Sometimes we act in the inspiration of free styles, and sometimes we can adapt classic pieces to street style. Our clothing mode, shaped according to our mood, gets its share from 2020 street fashion.

Stylish and Comfortable

Dresses and overalls are key parts of one-piece elegance. In the spring-summer season of 2019, shirt dresses, chiffon textures, midi forms and patterns stand out. You can enliven your street style with a stylish blouse, or you can choose one by one for the convenience of one piece. Midi skirts, on the other hand, continue to rise for several seasons.

Cargo Pants on the Rise

Cargo pants models, the leading part of street style, are among the most popular clothes in the season. Besides, high waist trousers will be the favorite of the season with their plenty of jerseys. Patterns gain dimension in trousers with batik, floral and mixed motifs. The Midi form, on the other hand, took its place in overalls other than dresses and skirts. Midi jumpsuit models are the highlights of the season!

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