Exercises to tighten the arms and get rid of the flabby

We dug through our extensive fitness index for the best of the best free weight exercises for toned arms you can do with a pair of dumbbells. Based on simplicity and effectiveness, these upper-body training moves are just what you need to start the summer. Mix and match the exercises, play around with weights and reps and have fun with it! You’ll see those guns perk up in no time.

Those spooky farm figures sport some spectacular upper body strength. The trick here is to level the elbows with the shoulders whenever the arms are lifted, and to have a 90-degree bend throughout the sequence. Lift, lift, close and open equates to burn, burn, burn and burn!

Step 1: Stand with your feet under your hips, roll your shoulders back and down, and hold the weights at your side. Create a 90-degree bend in the arms — you’ll maintain this bend throughout the entire move.
Step 2: Brace the abs and slightly bend the knees to keep pressure out of the lower back. Lift the arms up like wings. Make sure the elbows are at the same height as your fists and shoulders.
Step 3: Squeeze the shoulder blades together and rotate the shoulders to lift the hands only. (You won’t be able to get your fists in line with your shoulders because there is limited mobility with the rotator cuff. Just lift until you feel that natural stop.) Squeeze the shoulder blades together. Close the weights in toward each other without dropping the elbows or crunching the shoulders into the ears.
Step 4: Reverse the entire exercise by opening up to the sides, then lowering the fists and finally bringing the arms back to your side.

The back of your arm is comprised of three long muscles, forming the triceps. Even though there are three of them, they are usually much weaker than the biceps on the flip side! By coming down to the floor and dropping your upper body, you can really go deep with the tricep push. Pick a high number with a low weight and go to your happy place.

Step 1: Grab a dumbbell and come to all fours. Keep your hips over your knees and shoulder over the wrist of your stabilizing arm. The back is flat and the working arm is straight beside you at hip-height holding a dumbbell. This is as low as the arm will go.
Step 2: With the palm facing the ceiling, push the weight upward about 6 inches.
Step 3: Release back to the hip line. Continue on this side for allotted time, then switch to other side.

While we’re in the alphabet, let’s take a look at the T-Raise. You guessed it – you’re creating a T-shape with your arms as you raise them.

Step 1: Flip your hands so the palms face outward, away from the body.
Step 2: Exhale, lift the arms to match your shoulder height, then release. You’ll feel this in your upper back as the shoulder blades draw together; the shoulders as they partially rotate, and the biceps as they stabilize. Go ahead and go heavier on this one!
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