How to get rid of Period Pain Forever ( 23 Tips )

Banish Menstrual Cramps and Relieve Period Pain
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Stop wondering why you have menstrual cramps and try these 23 tips on how to stop period pain forever!

You are in control of your health, you don’t have to be doubled over in pain every single month! Trust me, I’ve been there.

Throughout the years I’ve done a ton of research and learned from others on how they have gained period cramps relief.

Try these tips below and have a happy period.

There’s even a FREE cheatsheet to print out so you are prepared the next time period pain hits!

Take your vitamins everyday for a healthy menstrual cycle.

Take your vitamins everyday, especially those formulated for women.

Try to choose a non gmo, whole food, and an organic women’s multivitamin such as this one.

The goal this to make your body healthier by taking in good for you stuff not cheap hardly works if at all vitamins.

Another good practice is to buy liquid vitamins.

Liquid vitamins are much more potent because they are absorbed more easily by the body.

Liquid Gold is a favorite daily liquid vitamin that truly is worth it’s weight in gold. I began using this after a recommendation from holistic practitioner years ago and have used it ever since.

I have a lot more energy, reduced period pain, and an overall feeling of good health when I take my Liquid Gold on a regular basis.

Best of all, it actually tastes good!

Take magnesium and calcium frequently to reduce period pain.

In your body, magnesium ranks as number 4 in abundant minerals. Magnesium resides in your blood, soft tissues, fluids, and muscles with the highest amount in your bone.

Magnesium is essentially for muscle development and so is calcium. Both help to relax your uterine muscles so that your cramps are not as severe.

Feeling moody and depressed during your period? Magnesium deficiency has been linked to depression and in fact taking magnesium has been demonstrated to be just as effective as an anti-depressant!

Per Healthline, Magnesium is also an anti-inflammatory (good news for severe menstrual cramps!) and can help get rid of that headache you have.

Bloated? Magnesium helps with that too!

My favorite way of taking magnesium is with this powdered magnesium drink.

I put the serving size in a cup of warm water (watch out for the fizz!) and enjoy a cup almost daily. It’s a wonderful relaxing drink that you can have anytime.

Try it before bed for a more refreshing sleep.

Potassium deficiency can make your cramps more severe.

Potassium is considered one of the most essential nutrients you need. Without it you would not survive.

Most of your potassium resides in your muscles cells and it is consider an electrolyte. (Healthline)

Natural sources of potassium include banana, spinach, kale, beets, sweet potatoes, salmon, and avocado.

Taking potassium helps maintain your menstrual health as it in charge of nerve signals, muscle contractions, and balancing your fluids.

In fact, your muscles cramp up when you don’t have enough potassium! So help to reduce severe menstrual cramps and grab a banana more often!

Remember to replenish your iron after your period.
how to stop period pain forever
Your iron levels are naturally lower after your period due to all that bleeding!

If you have endometriosis, fibroids, or heavy periods, it is even more important that you are aware of your iron levels. (Iron Disorders Institute)

I struggled with anemia for many years and didn’t realize that it was very important that I was taking enough iron to build up my hemoglobin.

No wondered I always felt like a zombie after my periods!

Drink a liquid iron supplement for faster absorption and raising iron levels after your period.
After you period you want to build up your blood quickly and taking liquid iron speeds up the process.

After years of trial and error, this the liquid iron supplement I use and love because it doesn’t have that gross iron taste some supplements can have. It is also already mixed with Vitamin C which is necessary for the body to be able to absorb iron.

Drink iron tablets with a cup of orange juice to help absorption.

To further boost your red blood cells building power, take liquid chlorophyll along with your liquid iron.

Chlorophyll helps to make globin, which is needed for hemoglobin and studies show that supplementing with chorophyll greatly increases hemoglobin and red blood cell count! (Alterative Daily)

Drink 1 tsp of chlorophyll in 8 oz of water to help oxygenize, build, and replenish your blood cells.

Sleep is an important way to help relieve period symptoms naturally.
how to stop period pain instantly, how to stop period pain naturally
Sleep and sufficient rest is very important during pms symptoms and menstruation.

Your body needs time to rejuvenate and recuperate. When your body sleeps, the digestive system and your mind is processing what it has taken in during the day.

Per WebMd, sleep can actually help you feel less pain because it helps to reduce inflammatory markers. In fact sleep has been suggested to be as effective as taking 60 mg of codeine!

Be intentional about getting to bed on time. Find more sleep tips here.

Drink more water.

Don’t underestimate the power of hydration. Your body needs sufficient water to allow it to function properly.

If you don’t like water, try to trick yourself into drinking more by infusing it with fruit. Pinterest has a ton of good recipes!

You can also purchase a infused water bottle made specifically for that purpose.

It keeps your water tasting better and fresher for longer periods of time because it separates the fruit from your water.

No yucky stale pieces of cucumber and blueberries floating around!

One trick that works for me is to drink through a straw. It tricks my brain into thinking I’m drinking some other drink and I end up drinking more water this way!

Use fennel to relieve period pain.
reduce menstrual cramps, period cramps relief
Fennel is nature’s ibuprofen and can be used in many helpful ways. It is a bulbous vegetable with thin green and feathery stalks.

You can find it at most local grocery stores or purchase fennel oil from your favorite holistic provider.

Its oil can be rubbed on the soles of your feet and on your stomach to help relieve pain.

Or you can actually purchase organic fennel seedand drink it to help calm your stomach.

Avoid taking fennel if you have fibroids, endometriosis, or are pregnant or have a hormonal sensitive condition. See here for more possible complications.

Fennel is also delicious eaten as food. Find fennel recipes and other natural pms relief aids here.

Extreme temperatures make menstural pain worse.
how to stop period pain forever
You may think you are relieving pain by taking extremely hot showers, but moderation is the key. Not too hot or too cold helps to promote balance in your body.

Heat can aggravate inflammation although per WebMd heat can be good for short periods of time when alternated with cold.

Although many women use a heating pad, you might want to try alternating with a cold pack instead.

A rice pack might also be a comforting compromise.

fast period pain relief
Your hormones affect your menstrual health.
how to banish period pain forever
When is the last time you checked your hormone levels?

Your thyroid might be out of whack and causing excessive period pain and pms symptoms.

Getting your thyroid checked may be the best thing you can do. Look for holistic practioners or local labs who specialized in advanced thyroid testing.

Learn what your thyroid levels should be and the symptoms of a thyroid problem.

Try a warm bath to get rid of menstrual cramps fast.
how to get rid of period pain forever, does taking a bath stop your period
A warm bath can help relieve period cramps and help you relax!

Take one with your favorite Epsom salt mixture, lavender or mint is awesome! Dr. Teal’s is my favorite epsom salt brand and I just discovered that they also sell an epsom salt lotion, how cool is that!

So if you hate baths or your home doesn’t have one, try the lotion instead!

You may also prefer an oatmeal bath which is also good for your skin.

Remember not to stay in too long or make the water too hot.

Try to rest for at least an hour after getting out, or take one before you retire for the night, to help you sleep better.

Improve your mood during your period by diffusing.
how to get rid of period pain fast, stop menstrual cramps
Get out your diffuser and put your favorite relaxing scent in it.

Make sure to use organic oils and blends. Lavender, bergamont, peppermint, spearmint, etc. are all known for their soothing aromas.

When buying your essential oils, I highly recommend buying from a reputable company like Starwest Botanicals (click the banner below).

Buying from holistic companies ensure you get high quality pure grade oils and not cheap knockoffs mixed with other chemicals or water from 3rd parties.

Engaging in sexual activity can help get rid of period pain.
how to get rid of period pain forever
Although it may be the last thing on your mind, having sex helps to relieve your cramps!

Having an orgasm releases endorphins “the feel good” stuff you need and relaxes your muscles.

If your husband freaks out over blood, have him wear a condom and convince him to take one for the team! I’m sure you are creative enough to pay him back later.

I’ve also seen a new kind of period cup floating around that is made specifically so you can have sex during your period with none of the messiness.

Let me know if you tried it!

Drink herbal tea to help you relax during your period.
how to get rid of period pain fast, how to get rid of period pain forever
Herbal teas that help you to relax are the best when it comes to reducing your stress during menstruation.

Try chamomile, peppermint, spearmint, sleepytime tea, etc. for a tasty treat.

Don’t be afraid to try menstrual tea specifically formulated to help get rid of period pain during your time of the month!

Earth Mama has some great blends that even help with postpartum!

To help get rid of period pain forever try cramp bark.
Cramp bark does exactly what it says relieves cramps! It is remedy that has been used for a long time and is a favorite by many holistic practitioners.

For a more detailed explanation on how cramp bark works, read here about cramp bark for period pain. Or you can just go ahead and purchase it here. It comes in different forms so choose your favorite.

Vitamin C is very important for the body’s healing.
period pain relief, how to get rid of period pain forever, menstrual pain relief
Trying drinking orange or grapefruit juice during menstruation. You need vitamin C to help break down any iron supplements that you take.

Vitamin C plays a huge role in your immune system and support. It may also help in shrinkign fibroids.

There are also theories that juicing 3 oranges and 2 grapefruits and drinking the mixture can help to reduce fibroids.

Livestrong has an excellent article on treating fibroids naturally.

Don’t forget to Netflix and chill.
period pain relief, how to relieve menstrual cramps
Pop in your favorite funny movie or Netflix your favorite comedian or show. I’m a huge fan of the British cooking shows!

Laughter releases the feel good stuff (endorphins) and helps you to relax and ignore cramps during your period.

It really is the best medicine!

P.s. Do you know that Amazon Prime has a ton of good shows?? If you are like me you are a primer because of the two day shipping, but it comes with a lot more benefits!

I’ve discovered they have a lot of good shows you can’t find elsewhere so why not take advantage of it if you are already paying!

Click the banner to take you there!

Drink pickle juice for menstrual cramps.
how to relieve period pain fast, get rid of period cramps fast
No you don’t have to be preggo to eat pickles!

Turns out the saltiness in pickle juice helps you to stay hydrated and is great at reducing muscle cramps! (NCBI)

Try drinking 1/2 cup of pickle juice when you are experiencing painful periods. Do this once daily.

Avoiding caffeine during your period cause help reduce period cramps.
how to get rid of period cramps, cramps relief fast
Do not drink caffeine when having pms symptoms or period pain. Caffeine causes cramps!

Find how about the effects of caffeine on cramps here.

Stick to herbal teas and other non-caffeinated sources.

Try other alternatives besides tampons during your period.
what relieves menstrual cramps fast
I discovered that tampons caused more cramps for me because the blood did not flow as freely.

I now use strictly pads. Organic ones are the best. You can also try the diva cup and other natural alternative methods such as a sponge.

Search Amazon
Plus there’s the risk of toxic shock syndrome with tampons and I would just rather not risk it!

Get regular chiropractic and acupuncture treaments.
how to stop period pain forever
Go to the chiropractor on a regular basis to ensure your body is aligned and your uterus is in the best position to allow your blood to flow freely.

This is especially important for me as my right hip is always rotating out of place.

You may also notice reduced back pain during your periods.

Acupuncture treatments work with the meridians in your body.

Let your acupuncturist know that you are seeking relief from menstrual cramps so they can provide synergestic relief!

Keep on learning about your menstrual health.
There are many awesome books, blog posts, youtube videos, etc. on how to relieve menstrual pain.

Join facebook and other social groups revolving around this subject. Ask others what helped them!

Read books like the one below and be an expert on the best subject, you!

Remember that you are in control of period pain.
how to get rid of period pain forever
You are not a slave to painful menstruation!

You have it in your control to do something about it.

If you cannot resolve your issues on your own, be sure and seek professional help.

Do not be too embarrassed to see a gynecologist, believe me they’ve seen it all.

Life is too short to go through life debilitated by painful periods every month!

Print out this list for later.
Chances are you think this list is freaking awesome but you won’t remember it when your period hits.

Help yourself banish period pain forever by printing out this period pain checklist. Stick it on the fridge where you can see it OR in your bedroom away from prying eyes.

I hope you found this list on how to banish period pain forever helpful for you. Are there ways I didn’t mention that worked for you?

Let me know below in the comments!!!

Cheers to healthy periods as a holistic woman!

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