Katlego Danke is a top fan of luxurious cars, and here is a deep look into her expensive collection.

A few weeks ago, Katlego saw herself trending after lies went viral that she was pregnant with Patrice Motsepe’s child. This kind of news disturbed them, and she had to come out to clear the air about the issue. She denied it, and the word went into the mist.




A few weeks after then, an unidentified lady claimed to be her daughter, and she went viral. Katlego is yet to confirm the young girl’s claim; probably, it’s true that she is Danke’s daughter.

With all that happening in her life, since her rise to the top of acting in Mzansi, she has made quite a lot of money. Over the years, Katlego Danke has bought many expensive, laxurious cars rocking the streets. Indeed, Katlego is a classy lady; she drives big and is only going to improve.