Minnie Dlamini shares picture with her son, in matching outfits.

Mothers always make everything work. It doesn’t matter how much they have, they will make sure it works for them. They always leave us in awe at how they are able to make little things work for their children. It is true that they would anything for their children.

It doesn’t matter what gender you have as long as you are happy. Minnie Dlamini’s first movie after so many years, has been well received by fans. Honeymoon was released weeks back and it is one of the most watched shows. It had been a while since we saw her acting and she made sure to deliver her best work.




Besides all these fancy titles, she’s a mother to Netha whom she adores so much. She shared a picture of herself and him, in matching blue and white outfits. We love how she is always in matching outfits with him. It is increasing their bond.