Man causes a s tir on Twitter after spending R17,000 on a G-Star RAW two-piece outfit.

It’s often said that most people who buy very expensive clothing are people who aren’t millionaires. It’s said that most millionaires do not spend a lot of money on buying these high-end clothing brands, it’s just that most people assume that is what millionaires wear so they buy these expensive brands of clothing, in hopes that they will look rich. Some people just do not see the need to buy expensive clothing, some people would rather save and invest their money into something else that doe not depreciate.




Speaking of buying expensive clothing, there is a man who recently went on Twitter to post some items that he bought, and the things that he bought seem to be causing quite a bit of a stir on Twitter lately, as some people thought he wasted his money.

The images show the man showing off a two-piece jacket and Pants that he bought from the store G-Star RAW, and surprisingly the pants coat him R5,590, and the jacket alone cost the man R11,899 and it seems like in total the man paid about R17,000 just for the outfit that he wore in the images.

Well, some people just could not believe that the man paid R17,000 just to look like a firefighter, while some people thought that the outfit and the price were worth it. Some people even went as far as saying that this outfit made the man look like he just came back from his construction job.