After The Divorce, See Where Multi-millionaire Shauwn Mkhize Ex-husband Sbu Mpisane Is

Fans of Shauwn Mkhize have texted her, inquiring about her wealthy ex-husband. Nobody knows what happened to MaMkhize’ ex-husband or whether he is even alive. Since Mzansi hasn’t heard Kay’s name mentioned in the media, he is confident that he has located him. It was as though he had disappeared.

There is no mention of the father in the tale, although MaMkhize and her son make headlines frequently. What transpired at MaMkhize’s wedding and in her past will be discussed here. Keep reading to find out more about Sbu Mpisane, the biological father of Andile Mpisane and the ex-husband of Shauwn Mkhize. Mkhize is extremely wealthy.





Sbu Mpisane is a successful South African businessman and entrepreneur who is admired by many. In his field, he is among the most prominent figures. MaMkhize, formerly Shauwn Mkhize, was hitched to a wealthy businessman in a previous life.

The news of their bitter breakup spread quickly. Sbu was seen as solely interested in MaMkhize’s wealth while they were at the height of their power. Our informant claims that Sbu was a Durban police officer. It’s unclear what he’s up to in the wake of the breakup with his wife. He reportedly left his previous position to join MaMkhize’s construction company, according to some accounts. The success of her construction company has brought MaMkhize fame and fortune. Their good fortune has improved as a result of this.

According to the article, he currently serves as chairman of the South African football club Royal Eagles F.C. It’s surprising nobody’s brought him up yet. Only MaMkhize and Andile have been in the spotlight as of late. It would appear that Sbu Mpisane is completely unknown. He doesn’t even bother with social media, as he lacks an account. No further sightings of him have been reported.