5 home remedies for stomach pain during periods

Mensural convulsion is a common problem in every girl, it is unbearable! but nowadays it becomes more due to food habits, daily diet, lack of exercises, etc. So in order to overcome this problem here are the few home remedies to make relief from those menstrual cramps.

1.Massage with essential oils

Massaging with some essential oils at the abdomen can decrease the cramps in the menstrual cycle and gives relief from pain

2. Make sure you’re getting sufficient ‘D’ vitamin

Due to the lack of vitamin D may affect the menstrual cycle, so make sure that your body is getting enough vitamin D or not!

3. Avoiding junk foods

Junk foods to your diet can cause many problems during the menstrual cycle. So be aware of that kind of foods like salty foods, beverages, pizzas, burgers etc.

4. Adding herbs to your diet

Add healthy foods to your daily diet have chances to reduce cramps in the menstrual cycle and helps you to feel good and happy even in period days! herbs like ginger, cinnamon, cumin, chamomile tea etc.

5. Drinking more water

It seems like strange. But it is the best way to prevent your cramps during a menstrual cycle. Drinking more and more water helps to reduce bloating in the stomach

6. Exercise

It sounds like crazy but exercise plays a prominent role to reduce the cramps in the menstrual cycle because while exercising muscles will stretch longer that will helps to get rid of the pain.

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